Increase the Generator Output of Electrical Power by 33 Times (33X)

Please see my page on a Non-Ferrous Super Magnetic Alloy.
This is an excellent starting point for this new, much improved electrical generation technology. All current generation technologies, except solar, rotate a coil-in-a-magnet or a magnet-in-a-coil to create a Magnetic Flux Field, billions of electrons, to induce current flow.
OK. Let’s take this new non-ferrous magnetic alloy and apply it to an electrical generator. We will use this in the magnet-in-a-coil approach. But…this magnet is 33 times more powerful than normal magnets and when it is rotated in the coil, it will produce 33 times the electron or current flow. Yes, the amount of work required (torque from fuel) will go up to perhaps as much as 5 (500%) times, but the electrical output will increase as much as 33 times.
So…Now, let’s electrify this Non-Ferrous Super Magnet (making it into a Electro-Magnet). Instead of a 33 times increase in magnetic power, we could be getting as much as 1,000 times an increase in electrical power. Yes, the amount of work required to turn the stator/armature would increase, but the amount of power generated would be far more.
Ok. We have a way to generate 33 – 1000 more watts of power using a standard generator technology. How about improving that?
See my page on New Alloy to Create Coils without Copper Wrappings. Now, we are talking about improving our existing generator, not designing new ones. So… Think about the coil that the super magnet is rotating within. What if that coil was made of this new coil alloy and it was flat metal rolled into a sleeve (like a can on its side). Allow a slight air gap and put several more of these coil sleeves around the first coil; this is a description of nested coils around the spinning super magnet. The first new coil alloy sleeve will increase the amount of power being produced by at least 3 times; the coil alloy is more efficient. Each additional coil sleeve will increase the amount of power being produced by at least 10 times. It is reasonable to expect a generator with up to 5 nested coil sleeves and, perhaps, more. Each additional coil sleeve would multiply (not add) the amount of electricity being produced by a factor of 10 for each sleeve.
This seems to be an incredible approach to increasing the power of our tried and true electrical generators that have not change much in more than 100 years. There’s more!!! Now, we can increase the amount of electricity being produced by electrifying the coil sleeves. Say this is only 10 times more each, but could be as much as 1000 times more.
Using this technology, generating electricity become much more efficient and lower cost. Instead of using gasoline, diesel or natural gas to turn the stators/armatures, very high torque electric motors would be much more effective.
Using this technology, electric cars, trains, planes, ships, homes, offices, apartments and factories would eliminate/replace all of the hydro-carbons being used now. Talk about reducing Greenhouse Gases!!!

For the Military: Using this generation technology, more than enough electricity can be generated for use in directed energy weapons on ships/submarines, offensive radar sites, tanks/APCs and aircraft.

3 Responses to Increase the Generator Output of Electrical Power by 33 Times (33X)

  1. Kevin Bruce Kieran Larson says:

    This is Amazing.

  2. Kevin Bruce Kieran Larson says:

    With this technology and 5 of your special coils, the output of any given generator can be multiplied by 15,000,000. In other words, a 4,000 watt portable generator would become powerful enough to generate 60 gigajoules per second. That’s enough to power 20 Iron Man suits simultaneously. And a 3,000,000 watt generator would supply more than enough energy to power all of New York City. That is if it uses 11,000 megawatt hours, everyday. But what do you think?

    • Merln says:

      Kevin, Yes. I’ve got several new and different technologies that can mixed and matched to enable great Break-Throughs. Yes. Isn’t it a great multiplyer? Too bad, I seem to still be being ignored. Hopefully, that will change in 2020.
      The new coil metal is one, but so is the room temperature super-conductor; it is another way to prevent heat (Ohm’s Law) when flowing current in a wire. But… there is always the option of flowing the current around the wire (a microwatt in). The Super-Conductor will also enable more electrical generation and a more effective electric motor; think electric jet engines. Actually, the Super-Conductor will be a multiplyer for any magnetic field effect in communications, data storage, data-memory writing/reading/overwriting(deleting), bus speeds. Quantum Computing also, but I call that 3D Computing; the current Quantum Computing efforts are, essentially, bullshit and will not go any further than the Optical Computers did. Lots of money for the same researchers that failed in Optical Computing. They just shifted over to “Quantum” – still the same people at the same universities and the same big companies and the same big government research grants.

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