New, Higher Torque, More Efficient Electric Motor

Please see my Increase the Generator Output of Electrical Power by 33 Times (33X) page. That is my starting out point; in it I discuss how to design/build a electrical generator that can generate 100s or, even, 1000s of more Watts of power from our generators.
OK. Most of us know that electrical motors are closely related to electrical generators. Most electrical motors use a rotating magnet within a coil structurte made from copper wire. The motor turns based on attracting and repelling the magnet as it turns within the electrified coil.
Here is the new electrical motor; it uses a much more powerful magnet and, instead of a copper wire coil, one or more sleeves of my new coil alloy. Everything else is the same.
Alright, what is different? As the magnet is much more powerful, it can be attracted and repelled much more efficiently using much less power. Then, by using the coil alloy in sleeves around the armature, the digital charging of the attracting and repelling points can be enhanced by the additional “sleeves” of the coil alloy. The attraction and repelling of the armature (spinning magnet), can be aligned in a tight formation or can be spread out creating a different kind of push and pull.
It is important to visualize that the coil alloy sleeves can be divided into 360 degrees (or 3,600 Tenths of a Degree). Each of these digital points can be powered with either positive or negative energy to create a push or pull on the magnet. The coil alloy sleeve offers design options of one or many Push-Pull rings around the spinning magent (armature). Think of a cam shaft in a combustion engine.
The other thing that can be done is to electrify the coil alloy sleeves to make the push and pull more powerful.
This new electric motor is a bit more complex, but will be much more powerful with much greater torque and can be operated at much lower electrical input power amounts.

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