Inventions that will Change the World

Hello and Welcome to Revitae Technologies; Home of many wonderful technologies that are coming into the world, starting in 2021!

We have completed our move into Aquarian Energy from Pisces; it has taken 8 plus years and will probably take the full 9 nine years (9 is the number of completion). All of these technologies are meant to be operated in Aquarian Energy and have been held back until we complete transitioning to it in 2021. We entered Aquarius Energy on December 22, 2012. We are almost there; will complete transitioning sometime next year. Aquarian Energy is Female dominated and allows us to go our Own Way. Follow the leader is no longer supported. Credentials are no longer supported. Patents and the whole Intellectual Property Rabbit/Black Hole are no longer supported.

Revitae Technologies is a holding company that will license the manufacturing and marketing of the technologies listed on this technology site. All of these technologies have something technically unique and difficult to duplicate; all of them can be protected by existing Trade Secret Laws. No patents are required or desired for the protection of Intellectual Property.

Patent Law is complex and ineffective to protect Intellectual Property Rights. These technologies will be protected by Trade Secrets employed using simple Contract Law applied through Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA).

None of these technologies can be sold to governments or militaries or police at any level. They can, however, be leased and supported by private companies and their support staff. The Trade Secret, proprietary information will never be released to government, military or police employees or contractors/consultants. This will be specifically delineated in the NDAs and leasing/support contracts.

Revitae Technologies is, and will remain a Privately Held company. We are interested in working with Privately Held companies only. We are not interested in going Public; there are too many risks of the Military-Industrial Complex taking over.

All manufacturing and marketing licenses will have strong performance requirements and no exclusive rights will be granted.

Many of these ideas have strong National Defense or Earth Defense applications. I am willing to work with the Office of the President of the United States (POTUS) to ensure that these technologies do not disappear into the unaccountable “Black World” which is a creature of the Shadow Government. I am talking about an Executive Order first and then, changes in the Law.