What is Static Electricity? And What Else is it Good for?

We have all been shown the effects of static electricity. It is a curiosity. If you work on computers, you know that you must “ground” yourself or wear a protective tool to keep the static electricity from damaging sensitive circuit boards or components.

Static electricity is a form of what is called Direct Current(DC); it is the same kind of electricity as is stored in a battery. Yes, that battery in your phone, tablet, or laptop runs on DC power. Wait a second, you can take a comb and rub it against a sweater to generate electricity; maybe recharge a battery?

Yeah, but……. There’s not enough juice to bother; it is too low power. It is not worth looking at. Did you know that lightning bolts all come from static electricity? Yes, but that builds up in the atmosphere (a large system) and then discharges to the ground.

My point is that large amounts of static electricity can be accumulated. Elsewhere on this site, I have described an approach to capture lightning bolts and add the electricity to the Grid; it would need to be up-Volted for transmission.

What if we could design a more efficient generator of static electricity? Instead of a comb or plastic rod rubbing against wool, we could use something like a motor where something rotates inside of something else that makes static (DC) electricity. Wow. Could that make enough electricity to make it worthwhile?

Like many of my projects on this site, instead of trying to use plastic and wool, I asked about two different alloys that would rub each other the wrong way. Wouldn’t you know it? There are at least two new alloys that can be used to generate prodigious amounts of static (DC) electricity when spun in close proximity to each other. How much? Something the size of an alternator for your car can produce enough for a large house and all of its appliances.

This idea of using two different alloys is something we use every day in Nuclear Power plants; two reactor rods are brought close to each other to release electrons (heat) to boil water to make steam. Even, an electric motor/generator uses magnets and coils; two different alloys.

This Static Electricity idea has been around forever, but no one has picked it up and kicked it around. This is similar to looking at the pure sodium demonstrations that many of us have experienced; it was a gee-whizz curiosity and we put in it the later bin.

More and more of us are thinking (and planning) about a Grid-down failure; how do we keep our modern lifestyle going without electricity. Just as we can use a manual air pump or air bellows to make heat and steam using the Flash™ NaV alloy, a bicycle can be used to recharge batteries without wind or solar. Both of these approaches have the advantage of a smaller, less noticed footprint.

If you take this technology and apply it to a car or truck; they both have spinning wheels. That motion is all that is needed to make plenty of electricity to power the electric motors. Who says that our electric generators must be the same ones that our Great-Great-Great Grandfathers used.

Every day, we wake up and experience a world very different than any of us have ever known. Masks, jabs, lockdowns, working from home, social distancing, and increasing pushback to the forces trying to control/intrude on us.

On the home page of this site, I write about a shift in energy that we are all experiencing. Look around. Yah think. Everything of the old world is collapsing; Brexit, the EU, China, and Globalism. Even worse, we no longer trust our governments, the media, science, education, the courts, the politicians, our political parties; just too many lies on top of lies.

We are all experiencing what some have called the “Shift of the Ages.” We have all been forced to slow down, stand still and look around. Most of us have not had the time to do this in the past; too busy bustling around. This is a giant shift in energy. We are re-evaluating everything; is this what we want? and is this where we want to go? When it is all over, nothing will be the same as it was.

That will apply to all of our technologies, but most especially to how we make and use our energy. The old ways are being thrown in the trash heap of history; they just do not know it yet.

Love, Light and Laughter,



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Periodic Table and Electron Rings

The Periodic Table is a wonderful tool. Anyone can click on an element and obtain huge amounts of information on the sum total of knowledge that we have about it. Of course, this knowledge has been gleaned by chemists and metallurgists, primarily. Quantum physicists tend not to regard the old atomic structure as important and yet, all of their hardware is made using it.

Today, I wanted to address the concept of the electron rings and attempt to describe what it is that we think we are looking at. Please read (or re-read) my earlier posts on electrons Is there a way to keep Hot Water HOT? or Cold COLD? and Like Electrons, Gravity has Multi-States. We are taught that electrons are negative in the electron rings.

In Physics, there is a well-known property; when you look at something, it behaves differently than when you are not looking at it. Another way of explaining this is that our expectations, whether wave or particle or other, dictate what we will be seeing.

This is true in our expectations of electrons in the atomic structure described in our Periodic Tables. For example, Lithium has three electrons in two rings. Even though it is the basis for many of our batteries, only one electron is available for electrical storage work.

Some argue that the electrons are different charges in different rings, but what do negative and positive charges mean? Does negative mean the electron is spinning counterclockwise (to the left)? If so, is Positive spinning clockwise (to the right)?

Hold on, is it possible that the electrons are spinning vertically towards the North or South pole? If true, this would make the entire electron ring discussion much more complex. What on Earth would we call the vertical spin? Up or Down?

Wow, our settled view of the Periodic Table is now unsettled. All of those electron rings could be doing different things than we thought. What a concept?

What I am saying is that each (and every) electron can be spinning left or right or up or down. They do not just have one state. It gets worse; there are four different states, but there are also four different transitions to those states; left spin must transition to down spin to right spin to up spin.

The notion that all of the electrons in an electron ring are negative is just plain WRONG! Either they did not think it through or they just tried to keep it simple. Let’s not muddy the waters.

This new look at the electrons and the rings does muddy the waters. Everything we think we know about electron availability has just gotten much more complex. We are probably correct for the dominant directions of flow, but now we have a reason for all of the anomalies.

Here’s another new idea. Many are thinking and talking about Zero Point Energy (ZPE). This is the underlying energy of the Universe and all points in the Universe; we used to call it the Aether.

So, if these electrons are shifting their spins continually, they must be drawing power from somewhere, but this was true when they were just negative as well. Where do the elements draw their power to create and maintain the electron rings? Or configure themselves with neutrons and protons?

Posit 1: all of the elements can draw on the ZPE/Aether energy whenever they have a need. Note: Read or re-read my Corner Discussion in the New Physics section; the corner point is the Aether or ZPE. This is the “still” place we go when we meditate.

Posit 2: there must be “unseen” energy available, just waiting to be drawn on.

Posit 3: whenever an element needs to transition to something else be it an isotope or molecule, it draws on the ZPE/Aether. It does not necessarily depend on the energy of surrounding elements or molecules. Yes, being simple, it will follow the easiest path but can draw on something else as needed.

Posit 4: because it is so simple, atoms/elements know how to draw on the Aether. We are a higher, much more complex structure and have forgotten how.

OK. Now, we have the basis for creating more electrons or protons or neutrons as needed. We just have to figure out how to tell the Aether to do so.

Many have read about the issues related to “spent” rods after they have been used in nuclear power plants. Reactor rods are enriched uranium (235) that are placed near each other. What happens is that the electrons get released to create heat; the heat is used to make steam which generates electricity. What most people do not understand is that the material in the rods (the elements) gives up their electrons one ring at a time. That makes sense, but as each ring is collapsed, a proton is collapsed.

This is why storing spent rods is so very dangerous to our world. It is not just a case that the spent rod material is highly reactive in that it will take electrons from anything, but it is also looking to reconstitute its protons as well.

Some new ideas here. Here’s my last one. We must learn to allow ourSelves to access the Aether/ZPE/Still point. We are already doing so in Meditation. Perhaps we are not asking the correct/right questions.

Here are some Meditation Tips:

1. When you get to the “Still” place, tell yourSelf to remember its location/feeling/energy. That makes it easier to find again.

2. Use the corner point. Take your awareness and push it towards a corner point (it can be actual or imaginary). Keep pushing until you pop through the point. That is the “Still” place.

3. Do Number 2 first; it is a great shortcut. Still, tell yourSelf to remember as it will become easier and easier. I spend most of my waking hours in the “Still” place. Once you get rid of the “noise” or “monkey mind”, it is a very calm, peaceful place to expand your awareness.

Awareness is fuel for creativeness.


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Who I am and What My Background IS

I am an American. I have lived in the Philippines, briefly in Vietnam, and in the United Kingdom. I retired from Air Force Intelligence in the Pentagon in 1993 as a Major.

I entered the US Navy in January 1969 and served until December 1972 as a Communications Technician Radio. What that meant was that I was a High Frequency (HF) Morse Code Intercept Operator. What that meant was that I was trained on how to find target Morse Code signals and collect them for later analysis and reporting.

Morse Code first came with the telegraph lines and was used extensively to fight the American Civil War (1861-65). It was used in the Spanish-American War, the First World War,  the Second World War (the Ultra-Secret), and up to the 1970s in the Cold War. The militaries of the world used HF Morse Code to communicate their military operations/secrets right up to the advent of the teletype machines. This was true for all diplomatic communications as well. Teletype machines were just faster machine-produced versions of Morse Code that got faster and faster and became the basis for our computer networks.

As part of my job in the Navy, I was trained on how to use and set up various types of antennas, receivers, and recording devices. I did this on land, sea, and air. I had to understand Medium (MF), Very High(VHF), and Ultra High (UHF) frequencies and how they worked at various times of the day/night and atmospheric conditions. We had to break out the target frequencies and call signs being used as they were changed regularly. We got good enough to recognize the “fist” of the target code signaler; that made identifying the target easier. At my best, I could copy 42 groups of 5 characters, type them on a manual typewriter and format them for computer processing. That meant I was holding a moving string of 220 characters in my mind for several minutes. I was good, but many around me could do 30 groups per minute, or more, all day long.

I tell you this so you understand that I had a wonderful opportunity to really learn communications at a baseline level people do not learn about today. For example, before the Morse Code could be sent, a Carrier Wave/Signal had to be established, then the call signs had to be sent to as many as 5-10 outstations. How the target did this enabled us to identify (ID) them as well. Today, the Carrier or Propagation Wave is automatic and not even thought of. It is one and done, but it is really, one-two and done. The Carrier Wave is still required even for WiFi or Optical Fiber and in all Network traffic.

When I left the Navy, I went back to college and somehow ended up in AF ROTC. I went to Af Intelligence training where they were still focused on collecting, analyzing, and reporting military/diplomatic HF communications, but the US had moved entirely to highly encrypted teletype communications.  I had to learn about encryption keys and devices.

I was sent to the National Security Agency as an intern to the Director. As part of the Internship, I received 1000 classroom hours of instruction on many highly technological secrets, especially breaking encryption codes and electronic warfare. In the Navy, I was breaking into the Call Sign and Frequency “Rotas,” which was a good start, but just the beginning.

I did not realize that I had a wonderful mind for encryption; I could visualize many complex things and how they interacted; just like holding the moving code in my head.

In the Air Force, I had the best computers, software, and encryption devices available for the next 17 years. Essentially, I was in military communications, encryption, computers, and networks from the time High-Frequency Morse Code communications were being used to the Internet. I was even an ArpaNet user for several years before it became the Internet.

Talk about a fortuitous chain of events. But, was it accidental? No, everything in life is s SetUp. I was actually trained or focused on trying to improve our existing technologies or to come with better ones.

My last five years were spent in the Pentagon where I was an Action Officer in AF Intelligence. I was involved in many new technologies coming into the US Military.

My transition to being an Inventor took nine years. In 2002, I figured out how to re-configure my energy centers or Chakras. That shift enabled me to start talking/conversing with Nikola Tesla on the other side. Tesla never gives me anything; I must ask the right or correct questions and pull the information.

So… All of the technologies listed on this site are inventions that I had to pull piece by piece. My mental abilities helped; I am able to see a 3D, color mental image of the technology that I am asking about (after a few “Yeses”). I can render and raster it. I can assemble and disassemble it, I can rotate it and view it from any angle, I can shrink or enlarge it, I can measure it or any of its parts, and more.

This is an incredible talent. It is like having a lab in my head. In my conversations with Tesla, he tells me that he, too, had this talent. Same for James Watt (Steam), James Clerk Maxwell (Maxwell Equations), and Da Vinci. There are others as well, but like Beethoven, it is rare.

Things are beginning to change in our world now. The old world is collapsing in a desperate, but futile attempt to take over. Technologies, like those on this site, will be allowed to come into the world soon. Even if they disrupt all of the existing elite-controlled systems like big Oil/Energy, Big Pharm, etc.

I hope this helps you to understand me and my process.  All of these technologies have been given to me (I had to pull them) by a higher force in the Universe (call it God, if you want).

Tesla tells me that I will live to see many of them being used in everyday life. He does not tell me when that is.

Love, Light and Laughter,

Merln/Dave Maxwell

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Our “Science” is having a Paradigm Shift

Anyone reading this site must ask themselves where is this stuff coming from?
I will answer that question now. For the past 50 years, we have been moving through a gigantic energy shift. Many of you will remember a popular song entitled, “The Dawning of the Age of Aquarius” by the 5th Dimension. That was descriptive of what was happening; we were leaving the Age of Pisces and moving into Aquarius. Never mind the details, we are now in Aquarius.
Our Science has been developed over the past 300-400 years with the Age of Reason, or Enlightenment followed by the Industrial Revolution (think Steam), followed by the Internal Combustion Revolution, followed by the Communications/Computer Revolution. Actually, the Communications Revolution overlapped steam and hydrocarbon engines in the form of the telegraph which was the first widespread use of electricity. All of this was part of the science that could be developed within Pisces as it was winding down. What was happening was the Aquarian energy was ramping up during the same period.
What I am saying is that all of our technologies that were developed over the past 300 years were all spawned by Aquarian energies bleeding into Pisces. Think about, prior to 300 years ago, we did horses, wagons, and sailing ships for 1000s of years. We had copper and tin (bronze), copper and zinc (brass), and even iron, but no steel yet. We tend to think we know nearly everything; we have changed our world so much that we even think that we are the cause of Global Warming.
As we approached Aquarian Energy (2012-2021), technological change kept accelerating. Why is that? It is because we were getting closer and closer to the energies that were changing our world.
Interesting. Anything else?
There is another shift that has been taking place. Our science has been based on the creativity level that we were in for the past several thousand years; call that a 3-level. Many people here with us now have been getting “knowings” that we were transitioning to some kind of new dimension whether they called it the “4th” or “5th.”
This is difficult for 3-level minds, but that is exactly what has been happening. We are in the process of transitioning to 5-level minds/creativities. People like me have discovered that we can go into places that we couldn’t go to before. Both the shift to Aquarius and to 5-level minds have been an overlapping, near-simultaneous event.
At the end of 2021, we will have completed the transition into Aquarius. Will things slow down? No, they will keep accelerating; the technologies of our fathers and grandfathers will no longer apply. A major trend we are seeing is the shift from internal combustion to electric vehicles. It is slower, but this will also happen to aircraft. It has already happened to trains and will be applied to ships; many new ships are running on electrical shafts powered by old fuel generators. What is this old fuel? Hydrocarbons and Nuclear will both be replaced soon.
We are now in what some are calling, the Digital Age of 5G and Quantum computing. But, wait a second, it is all based on binary code (1s and 0s); a 3-level limitation. The 5-level thinker will embrace new code that has 1s, 0s, and Neutral(s); think about it, when we shift gears from reverse to forward, we must go through neutral. When we change our direction, we must, however briefly, stop and change our vector. Binary worked well in the past, but moving forward, we must adapt to Trinary registers and code (x,y, and z).
We are just about to complete the shift into a New Age with more and more 5-level thinkers. The 3-level thinkers will say it cannot be done; in their paradigm, that is true.

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New Keybase Group – tossoldtech

Our basic technology for transportation and electric motors, generators, batteries, and the Grid are all things our grandfathers and great grandfathers could be up-to-speed with quickly. Part of the problem is technology suppression as big-money interests (government, utilities, and tech) do not want disruptions in their control/profits. The old ways do not want to give way to the new. This also applies to the science and engineering that is being taught; it is done this way (and only this way). They (THEY) are even trying to institutionalize Innovation! Invention must be a team sport with a cast of 1000s; individual inventors or creative small, tight groups will not be permitted. Edison was the original designer of team inventing and everyone knows who he was. Tesla was the epitome of the brilliant lone inventor and almost no one knows who he was.
I am looking to team up with other Inventors like myself. I know, from experience, that there is always another direction or pathways in or out that must be explored. Trouble is that we must have the insight to see it/them.
If you do not know what Keybase is, check it out. While you are there look for me; I am merln there as well. I invite you to join my new group Toss Old Tech (tossoldtech).
Does it sound disruptive enough?
CU There!

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Our World is Changing Rapidly!!!

The old world is dying fast. Tyrannical governments have overplayed their hands and the people have started revolting. They try the forever lockdown and, next, forced vaccinations that will actually kill many of us. Not going to happen; the energy has shifted. We are now in a Majikal Age and the age-old trick of making us fearful is losing its punch.
Technology is changing as well. It used to be that technologies came from large Government-, university-, or corporate-run laboratories. Inventing was like making a movie; lots of cast and support with the producer (money-man) calling the shots.
That is changing; this site is just one example. Many of us are looking within for answers as we cannot trust the answers we are getting from the “Experts.” Too many lies and the Goal Posts keep on moving.
Let’s look at one of the new technologies; lasers. They are concentrated light and heat that is being used to cut people in surgeries that may be too delicate for a blade. They are also being used to locate and destroy drones, airplanes, and missiles.
The problem with lasers is that they use a lot of electricity to be useful; far too much electricity. The other big problem is range; when the beam cuts through the air, it heats the air and causes something called “Blooming.” The water vapor turns to steam and this limits the range of the beam. Increasingly, to be effective, lasers are being developed that use 100 Megawatts of power for each shot; that will power a small city.
Is there a technological alternative to lasers? Yes. What if a radio wave or radio frequencies (RF) could be modified to have impact or be kinetic. What if it could be shaped to be sharp like a surgeon’s scalpel or be blunt like a battering ram. In both cases, the amount of electrical power being used is a few kilowatts and the range is, essentially, unlimited. Depending on the frequency being used, it can be a kinetic force being sent as a line-of-sight beam or be broadcast as an omnidirectional signal.
Could this Kinetic RF beam be heated up to cauterize a wound? Yes, again with small amounts of comparable power. Can these Kinetic radio waves be used to heat the air to create warmth in a building, tent, or vehicle? Yes, easily and with very little power.
This is another new technology that did not come from a cast of 1000s lab or from techies who have been told what is possible and what’s not. The biggest problem we have with our University system is there is too much knowledge being taught as fact instead of theory; many of our theories are wrong. We are limiting ourselves and we do not even know it.
We are now in a time of Majik. Enjoy!

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New way to make lots of Heat – at almost No Cost

Heat is a dense, expensive form of energy. Think about it; all the moving parts that go into boiling that water. It doesn’t matter whether it is on a wood fire or the kitchen stove burning gas or electricity. All forms of energy to make heat forces us to move around a lot of stuff. Even in our own bodies, we must eat a lot of food daily to keep our own furnace going.
When we make heat, most of us just turn up the thermostat and the furnace comes on. It doesn’t much matter whether where the heat comes from; it can be coal, alcohol, fuel oil, natural gas/propane, or just plain old electricity. Some of us use wood, but that is a lot of stockpiling of stacked, seasoned wood. Making heat is expensive.
The most efficient method of making heat is called Nuclear Power. It requires large facilities to heat water into steam to make electricity using steam-turbine generators. It has many moving parts from mining the uranium to making and enriching the fuel rods to storing and disposing of the spent fuel rods. Everything is somewhat dangerous from exposure to radioactive elements. Lots of security issues and costs.
The least expensive method of making heat is to use the Sun; solar energy, but the amount produced is not sufficient for our needs (at least not yet).
What if there was a way to make all the steam needed for a giant Nuclear Power plant for the cost of running a simple air pump? I am talking about the cost of running the aerator for your fish tank, or maybe two.
Woah, how is such a thing possible?
We all use salt or sodium-chloride on a daily basis; it is actually essential for our health. Many of us use Chlorine Bleach frequently for washing and cleaning. Where does that Chlorine come from? Simple, they take the Sodium (Na)out of the salt leaving the Chlorine (Cl)as a gas that is used to make bleach. Interesting, what do they do with all that Sodium? Not a lot; it gets turned into a solid, gray metal that must be stored in either water or oil. It is featured in Chemistry labs as an oddity that throws off sparks when it is exposed to air. Wow, that is a form of heat. Why hasn’t someone looked at this before?
We looked at it. By mixing pure Sodium metal with some other elements, but mostly Vanadium (V), we were able to enhance the Sodium response to the air. If you think about the sparks being produced by Sodium’s interaction with air (oxygen), it is quite amazing. A chemical reaction between two of the most available elements that we have has gone unnoticed for all of our histories.
So….we now have a new alloy made from Sodium (around 80%) and Vanadium (around 20%) with trace amounts of other elements. What we have done is to boost/enhance the Sodium response to the air/oxygen. When we suspend this new alloy in a water tank to be heated and bubble up air from an air pump, the air becomes superheated on contact with this new alloy. The air turns instantly to a temperature of 230° F or 110° C. Live steam is only at 221° F. What this superheated air does is rapidly turn the water into steam. That is the main objective of every Nuclear Power plant in existence.
What is going on?
Water is a very complex substance that all life depends on. We all know about the state changes it goes through; freezes at 32° F, boils at 212° F, live steam at 221° F. We know and understand how to use these changes of State in water and have for 1000s of years.
Air, like water, is fluid (think fluid dynamics). We take components of air like oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, helium, argon, and others and turn them into very cold liquids. So, air, like water, changes State from gas to liquid. Hmm, that is similar to steam turning back to water. What if Air, also has a “steam” state?
That is exactly what appears to be happening. We have discovered new science. The air that is instantly becoming superheated (230° F) is undergoing a change in State to something much hotter like steam.
So, we bubble up air through and around the Sodium-Vanadium alloy. It superheats and turns the water into steam very rapidly. It surfaces from the water and changes the state back to “normal” air. It can be reused over and over again to interact with the NaV alloy. Same for the steam, it goes to the turbine generator, cools, and can be returned to the water tank for endless re-use.
This is an incredibly low-cost method of making enough heat to run a Nuclear Power plant; electricity bills could be cut by 90% or more.
I think I have made my point, but there is more. This NaV alloy can be used to make all the steam needed to heat (and make the electricity for) apartment, office, and retail buildings everywhere. It can be used to provide all the steam needed to heat or operate equipment in manufacturing plants. It can even be used to make steam for trains, ships (submarines) and could be miniaturized to power cars and trucks either using steam directly or to generate electricity. Do you want electric cars and trucks? With no carbon footprint?

A new friend to this site has asked for a link back to a related article. It covers what to do when you don’t have any hot water (https://sensibledigs.com/no-hot-water-in-house/). With the coming cold, many will find this useful.

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Trinary Computing – More on the 3D Registers

I have gotten a lot of hits on the 3D Register using aluminum foil page. Most of them are just nonsense words, but I am being told people like the concept enough to leave a comment. OK. All of you Fans of this concept, go read or re-read my improvement to encryption; allowing a “function” call to run a program that enables 20-30 thousand additional variable into any encryption stream (from any algorithm).
To do this, I had to come up with a framework that allowed the encryption stream to work across platforms (IBM, Cisco, Oracle, Apple, Microsoft, Honeywell-Bull, etc.) as they all use different control characters. What I did was to invent a software structure for 3D Registers using vectors. OK. I just realized what I had done this morning. I have a software register to use the X, Y and Z values of algebra (and calculus).
So…..we do not have to wait for the world to catch up with me in the use of aluminum; that will come later to use these 3D Registers more effectively.
Oh, BTW, this will blow all the bullshit Quantum Computing efforts out-of-the-water. Who knows how to use Qbits that talk to normal bits/bytyes? Quantum computers must all operate near absolute zero/very cold. Are these follow-on efforts of the Optical computers ever going to be used in a tablet or phone? NO!!!! This just another way to keep the government/corporate research funding going another year or decade.
But, now, there is a software register framework to bring 3D programming into Binary instructions and data; we just make them Trinary.
Like, Dislike and Leave a comment.

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Nested Coils – Advanced Motors/Generators

Anyone who has looked at how electric motors and generators works knows that a magnet is rotated inside a coil or the reverse. This is the underlying foundation for both technologies.
If one were to attempt to redesign the electric motor/generator, they would have to come up with a new way to get electrons from the moving electronic flux field. Perhaps, having a magnet with different layers of opposite polarities; that might provide a boost in the amount of electrical energy (electrons) produced. Another approach could be to increase the size and/or density of the copper wrappings in the coil. Another would be to change the layout/structure of the coil wrappings. Perhaps, gold, platinum or silver wrappings or some combination in a new alloy?
None of these are very practical and would have been tried sometime in the last 150 years.
There is a new approach to look at. Say you have a new alloy that has all the properties of a copper-wrapped coil. This coil alloy could be drawn out for wire, rolled flat for plates or foil and molded into innovative shapes for multiple coil interactions with the magnet or magnets. Here’s a proposal; roll the alloy flat and make a cylindrical shape like a can of tomato paste or a toilet-roll cardboard insert. Now you have a coil in a totally different configuration. Let’s use the toilet-roll shape; it is about 1.5 inches in diameter by 4 inches. This will allow a magnet that is 4 inches long by 1 inch in diameter to interact with the coil. This is new territory.
Before getting into adding more coil sleeves to the new configuration, lets make the magnet bar from 4 magnets connected with each other. The first magnet can be oriented towards North with the next three magnets being South, North and South; opposite polarities. Another option would be to change the phase of each magnet: 0°/360°, 90°, 180° and 270°. There are actually many options in how these magnets could be configured, There could easily be six or eight or sixteen magnets and some of them could be spinning in one direction or another. That is without adding electrical power to any of these magnets (electromagnets).
As you can see, increasing the longitudinal size of the coil offers different approaches for our magnets. Let’s add some more coil sleeves; each additional sleeve will be 3/8ths inch further out; 12/8ths, 15/8ths, 18/8th, 21/8ths and 24/8ths (inches). The nested coils would start at 1.5 inches and expand outward (in five layers) to 3 inches.
This is an entirely new, much more efficient electrical motor/generator design.
As we are increasing the interaction between the magnets and coil(s), it is highly likely that more electron flow/current will be generated, or it will take less current to operate the motor.
Bottom line: this new motor/generator design will have many times the torque of current designs and will produce many times the electrical energy (current/electrons).
This is all possible from a change in perspective that a new material provides.

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Contaminated Chips from China!

By now, everyone on the planet has heard about (or read or watched videos) the floods in China. What people do not understand is how pervasive these floods have been. The floods have destroyed the crops in the fields and yes, there is going to be a food shortage in China this Winter.
This site is all about technology so I am going to look at the floods from that perspective. Most of the vast build-out of Chinese manufacturing has occurred in the areas that have been ravaged by the floods. You must understand, these floods are not a few feet or meters; we are talking about 15-20 feet or 3-4 meters. Many places have floodwaters as high as on the third floor.
What is this doing to the sprawled out Chinese manufacturing factories? They have been destroyed. Their manufacturing equipment (all electrical) has been submerged in muddy water. Yes, it is “fresh” water, but it cannot just be washed off, dried out and everything will work again. The tiny mud particles have gotten everywhere including into the electric circuit cards and yes, into the chips controlling everything. What else has happened? It is not just the factory floors that have been flooded, it is the warehouses that hold all of the parts needed by the factories. Think about that. How many of those parts will rust? How many of those parts are circuit cards? How many of those boxes and boxes contain chips and wafers that were waiting to be used in the assembly lines.
All of these parts have been contaminated by the muddy floodwaters. Think how many million chips and wafers are being used by Chinese manufacturers in a month. Where do all of these chips and wafers come from? Yep, the warehouses that have been flooded. ALL CHINESE ELECTRONIC PRODUCTS ARE CONTAMINATED AND UNRELIABLE!!!!!!! This does not just apply to phones; it applies to anything that has a chip in it. Appliances, TVs, Routers, Modems, Car Parts, Robotics and Military parts as well.
Just like the CCP Virus, the Chinese will be aware of this problem/issue before anyone else. What are they going to do about it? They will keep all of the chips that were stored “high up” in the warehouses for themselves; they will be needed for their military applications. The rest will be put into products to be shipped around the world. They will hope that the world does not realize the faulty equipment is related to the floods. After all, it could be software or firmware, but it is the underlying contaminated hardware.
The United States has made major moves to limit the high-end chips that China can import. China, accordingly, is trying to buildup it’s domestic production of chips. So, what do you think has happened to all of those chip foundry macines? Many of these have been flooded whether they were in the chip-making factories or the warehouses. So yes, the contaminated wafers are a big deal.
I am writing this to give all of my readers a heads-up; the world of electronic devices to include audio headsets and earpieces, VR Headsets, Game Stations, laptops, tablets, and yes, phones (even Apple) are going to take some serious hits in reliability. China is still the leading supplier of everything electronic. The problem is that China has becomed Contaminated.
Everyone will try to hide the cause of this problem. If everyone finds out about it, no one will buy anything made in China. That will mean the end of the Multi-National drive to make China the next SuperPower. Supply Chains are already leaving China and this will accelerate the departure. First, the virus and now the floods – China is finished.

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