Grow Crops without Fertilizer and Pesticides; use Energy Fields

Today, Farmers must use fertilizers and pesticides to ensure that their crops get enough nutrients and do not get choked by weeds and insects; this is part of the cost of being a farmer.

I just had a lengthy conversation with a farmer from Iowa who farms 1,000 acres and has his own on-property storage for corn; yes, he is a corn farmer and uses GMO corn seed. Whoa, he claims the GMO seed does not have any pesticides in it, but rather, a protein that bugs/insects cannot digest. This protein is not harmful to animals and humans who eat the corn.

I have checked this information out with my Spirit Guide and am told GMO corn is not harmful to animals or humans.

So… this conversation started me thinking; what if we could put an antenna up that could broadcast a signal that could help farmers everywhere.
What if this signal could tell the plant to start taking nitrogen directly from the air? What if this antenna could also broadcast a specific frequency and variation to prevent weeds from growing and, perhaps, to keep harmful insects/bugs away from the crop.

There is a big issue here, how many acres would this transmitting antenna be able to provide coverage per transmitter? Not sure yet, but a 90 foot tall transmitter could provide a field or fields for 10 by 10 or 100 acres. That is if we think statically; but wait, we now have remotely piloted vehicles (RPVs) or Drones that can beam several energetic fields into the crops at the optimum time during the growth season.

After planting and sprouting, the plants would be encouraged to self-fertilize themselves by taking the nitrogen out of the air, then weeds would be discouraged from growing and, finally, insects and pests would be discouraged (yes, killed).

You say, How? This is something like the Rife Machine, but uses a more powerful, omni-directional antenna with different frequencies and waveforms. Every plant and animal, even Humans, have harmful frequencies and waveforms that can slow them down/degrade/make uncomfortable or even cause death. This is already the basis for keeping bears and large cats away from camping sites and the Star Trek Phaser inventions listed on this site elsewhere.

Did you know that one corn plant, generally, grows just one ear of corn. What if we could “encourage” the corn plant to grow more ears with a different waveform; maybe as many as six per plant?

How dangerous are these frequencies and waveforms? I am sure that the FCC will be involved in licensing the frequencies, power levels and waveforms to ensure that everything is safe.

I know that this can be done safely for birds, livestock, horses, dogs, cats, and humans. Only those weeds, insects, rodents and other pests that are specifically targeted would be impacted by the frequencies and waveforms.

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