New “Frozen” Alloy that Generates Cold, instead of Heat, with Current Flow

New, “Frozen” Alloy

– Current Flow Creates Cold, not Heat

Nearly everyone knows that when electrical current is flowed in copper, that current creates heat. Now, there’s a metal that creates “cold” when current is flowed. This new alloy will change refrigeration, metallurgy and manufacturing.

PRLog (Press Release) – Sep 28, 2011 –
Want something cold? Compress a gas or leave it out on a cold night; those were the options. No longer true.  Now, there is a new alloy that uses “cold” particles to create an absence of heat in the presence of electrical current flow.

Intuitively, this does not make sense; when you flow current, it creates excitation and that creates heat; this is something we all learn on a hot stove element. What the world of physics does not know is that the continuum between steam and ice is made possible by two equal and opposite forces; heat and cold.  We all know this, but do not understand it. Heat flows away from the corner while cold flows towards it.  Heat particles travel at what we call the speed of light (186,000 ft per second per second) while Cold particles travel at twice that rate.  BTW, Magnetism particles flow towards the corner at 2.5 times the speed of Heat particles and Gravity particles flow away from the corner at 3.5 times Heat particles.  The other pair, is, of course, Darkness and Light.  So…….

News Flash!  There are many particles that travel faster than the Speed of Light. E=MC2 is really much more complex than we know, but then, we also know that.

Ok. So now, we have a new metal alloy that gets cold and colder when we flow electrons in it.  This alloy gets more brittle as it gets colder, but keeps its shape and other properties. Now, we can have an electric blower that blows cold air instead of hot.  We don’t need Freon or other compressed gases to collect the heat for exchanging in the next compression cycle.  This will make refrigeration much more efficient and make it possible to apply very specifically timed cold energy to manufacturing processes.

This new alloy allows refrigeration without the weight and expenses of compressors.

20 Responses to New “Frozen” Alloy that Generates Cold, instead of Heat, with Current Flow

  1. adam cameron says:

    Hello My name is Adam Cameron. By the sound of your statement you want to make money on this idea. I agree with this statement but instead of trying to change a product at the moment why don’t we put together something small that can be reproduced rapidly that will solve a big problem across the planet(making alot more than what you have estimated(like a world passport)). The element you have achieved is the other half of a bunch of my projects. I’m not looking to steal ideas I just want to start seeing change across the planet before we lose it in the next 5 years

    • Merln says:

      I have replied in private.

      • Anon says:

        Can you elaborate to me what that all means. I feel like I know but I could be wrong but am very interested

        • Merln says:

          Dear Anon,
          I am a new, Nikola Tesla-like inventor. I invent things just like he did; he did not go to any school or university to learn how to make an alternating motor/generator. He pulled it from an internal conversation with his higher or creative self. Think about all of the great inventors from the past; Tesla, Maxwell, DaVinci, Archimedes and more. They all were great inventors on their own and none of them worked with a cast of 100s or 1000s in a big company or university lab. That all comes from Edison who hired creative people and sold their ideas as his. He may have actually come up with the Tungsten filament, but all/most of the rest were from his staff.
          Before Tesla, no one knew how to send electricity over long distances; Edison had to have a electrical generating plant every 600-800 feet (Direct Current). Tesla invented our modern world with his Grid.
          OK. I am just like Tesla, but have started my inventing at a higher technological plane; mostly built on Maxwell (Equations) and Tesla.
          I ask my Creative Self about various technological/technical questions like can we make a better elecctrical generator or motor and then, I start getting answers that I must put together. After a while, I get a mental, 3D, High Def, color image in my mind. I can render it and raster it. I can rotate it and look at it from any direction. I can disassemble it and re-assemble it with changes. I can measure it and any of its subcomponents. I can determine what each part is made from down to the atomic elements. I can weigh it and each subcomponent. I can scale it up or down as required.
          This is a gift from God that most of us do not have, but I do. I am trying to bring these technologies into the world, but they are all DISRUPTIVE as all HELL!
          So… I do not know if I answered your question or not.
          Please share this site and this missive with other Anons. Trump is a Disrupter in Chief Politically and Culturally. I am a Disruptor of Technology.

  2. Shane says:

    Hello, does anyone know the name of this new alloy? Or the properties. I’m trying to make my job safer, and this alloy may help with that.

    • Merln says:

      Good question. I will call it “Frozen.” Just like an electric burner gets things hot quickly, this Frozen alloy will make things instantly cold. How cold? That depends on how much DC Current you pass through it; the alloy is a good analog of copper alloys like electric burners.

  3. Ben says:

    Hello, was wondering if/how this has progressed since this article came out? It seems like there are so many logical applications of an alloy like this yet i haven’t really heard of it being used. Refrigerators and portable coolers are the obvious consumer products, but there could be so many more. Any chance you can send me the figures on how much energy it takes per ‘coldness’, or if there’s a limit to how cold the alloy will go? Any updates on your progress would be awesome!

    • Merln says:

      Dear Ben, Just as you can keep putting current into copper and it will get hotter and hotter until it melts (old fashioned fuses which have been replaced with circuit breakers). Same with cold; the alloy will keep getting colder and colder until it becomes so brittle, it will break. The energy per degree of coldness is the same as that of per degree of hotness in copper. The big issue when using this for refrigeration will be to heat the intake manifolds to keep them from icing up; a bit of copper wire will works wonderfully.

      In another of my sites,, I write about the shift in energy that is going on in the world; Light or Right-Spin energy has taken over in early stages from Darkness or Left-Spin energy after 8,460 years. Right up until this year, Left-Spin had 80% of the power in the world. Starting in 2019, Right-Spin will have the 80%. All of my inventions listed on this site are Right-Spin and I have had to wait until the big shift happened. I look forward to a lot of success in bringing these technologies into the world in 2019.

  4. Kevin Bruce Kieran Larson says:

    Could this alloy enable air-conditioners to function without any moving parts, thereby eliminating the need for maintenance and repair?

    • Merln says:

      No. The alloy gets very cold, but to get the air conditioned, cool air, a fan
      is required. The moisture in the air will condense around the cold alloy
      rods/grid and freeze. So… some heat, supplied by electrically powered copper
      will have to be used to keep the ice down. Hot air could also be used like from
      a hair dryer. But, you are correct, no condensers are required, just a fan
      (with occasional heat) and the cost of electricity will be much lower.

      • Kevin Bruce Kieran Larson says:

        Thank you. I am a big admirer of your inventions, especially your alloys.

        • Merln says:

          Thank you. I always start with questions about
          how to do things better or with different properties.
          Using cold energy is a way to get different, better
          results. So is Light, Magnetic and Gravity energies.

  5. Bill Hunsperger says:

    So what do you intend to do with this material?
    Can it be machined?
    Can you produce enough to make it a practical component in a manufactured device.
    Besides it becoming so brittle it fractures. What limitations might you invision or are currently aware of?

    • Merln says:

      It can be drawn into wire, bent, molded, machined and welded; just like many other metals. I haven’t discussed the
      specifics, but it’s component elements are relatively abundant; I fully envision this alloy to be a replacement for compressor-based refrigeration and freezing.
      The biggest issue will be the water vapor freezing to the alloy when air is cooled using various kinds of fans. A small heating element will be required to control this ice for continuous, high volume cold air flow for freezing. Remember, this freezing air is in a controlled space/tube, potentially insulated, that is surrounded by room temperature air. Like air conditioners, provision for draining this condensed water would have to be built in to the design.
      This alloy can certainly be used to remove water vapor from air to obtain drinking water. A grid-cube with low electric power could remove water from the air with normal breezes. This could be powered using solar energy easily.
      This alloy only becomes brittle enough to fracture at -200 degrees Fahrenheit and the amount of power to hold that is quite large. The “normal” profile for refrigeration is 33-40 degrees F and 0-32 F for freezing. The alloy would be able to support very fast freezing at 0-40 degrees F below zero.

      • Bill Hunsperger says:

        If I am understanding you correctly, the alloy temperature is proportional to the amount of direct current applied to it. Im very interested in developing this for portable room ACs.
        How much does this material cost?
        Where can one procure a small amount for testing?

        • Merln says:

          Not yet, but coming later this year or early 2020. Why not bring this and others on this site out into the world as quickly as possible?
          The answer is how very disruptive most of these technologies are to the existing product world. It has been too dangerous to try. Somehow, I’ve got to get the support of powerful people and organizations who are looking for innovations, even if they change the status quo.
          We are all seeing the world change in dramatic ways politically and economically. We are taking on the Chinese for first time in 30 years; there is Brexit, the coup on Trump has failed, Italy is about to put out its own currency; EU will be dead. Look at our economy and
          the resurgence of manufacturing in the US.
          We are entering a new kind of energy that is based on more freedom, truth, integrity, self-reliance, self-responsibility. This energy is bringing back nationalism, traditionalism and culturalism and is the death blow to Globalism/One Worldism.
          This transition is happening this year, in 2019. The old system/guard was focused on fear, force, control and not doing-the-right-thing. It was the bases for 1,000s of year of corruption and crooked deals.
          If I tried to bring these technologies into the world now, someone or somewhere, they would hire an assassin to hunt me down. I have been sitting on many of these technologies since the early 2000s and have had to wait until the energetic shift; that is happening this year.
          Yes, I can see how this alloy will revolutionize air conditioners. But also freezers, refrigerators, coolers, hats, shirts (using mixed thread). Think what they are doing with heated socks, underwear and sleeping bags. So… that may be the better ways to go first; get the normies used to the idea and then demand it on big ticket items. Timing is everything…

  6. Jerry thomas says:

    What is or has happened with this cold frozen wire alloy needs to come out now..there is no good reason to continue to suppress advanced tech..i am an engineer an scientist…i would like to work with this and other advanced tech..please lets move forward..those that suppress their tech for fear of being attacked by the powers that be..only keep them in power..the advanced tech takes their power from them an is a win for all from their tyranny

    • Merln says:

      I agree with you. I keep calling attention to these technologies to various people
      all of the time. I am, now, working with a few people and making some progress.
      Nothing happens overnight, but movement is taking place.
      The energy is shifting, just look at BoJo and Mueller, two great, now examples.
      The Dark Side is rapidly loosing their MoJo and great things can happen. Send me
      an email at

  7. Rodrigo says:

    Hey, I am interested in your finding and would like to know more about it in order to integrate it in commercial applications.
    Absorbing heat through DC current is impressive.

    Please reply promptly and we can set-up a meeting to discuss.


    • Merln says:

      Send me an email with more on who, what, where and when. What kind of interest? Financing? Are you an independent or with a company? Where are you located? Do you represent anyone or any country?
      I am in St Thomas, in the US Virgin Islands so in person meetings may be difficult. Don’t do Zoom, but have Teams and Skype (

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