Use Pressure/Gravity to Generate DC Current

Please read the Use Pressure/Gravity to Generate Heat page first. While electricity is the primary energy, we Humans have been using all of our forms of energy to create heat for ourselves for millennia.

OK. There is an alloy that processes the weight/Gravity of something to produce heat. That is amazing, but that is what we have been using alloys for since the Bronze Age; Tin and Copper make Bronze and Tin and Zinc make Brass. These two metals had properties that that were different, more useful, than the properties of either Tin or Copper.

So…By combining two, or more metals, we create new alloyed metals that have other, different properties. News Flash! All metals are crystals with complex crystalline structures. Guess what? All crystals have awareness and all crystals can be programmed. Who does this programming? We, the Creators on this planet, do.

OK. Because I have asked and gone to my Periodic Table to determine what elements must be combined together in the correct order and using the correct energy types, I have created a new alloy that makes heat from the weight of heavy objects.

My very next questions was, “can I create a new alloy that makes DC current from the weight of heavy objects?” and I got an equally big YES. You see, it is the asking if something can be done that is the critical action; that and the listening for the answer.

I think these two ideas qualify for technologies that will change the world.

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