50 MegaWatt DC Power Storage (Induction Container)

Everyone knows that electricity is the prime energy; it is the final energy that we use other energies to generate and use. Electricity has one major disadvantage; it does not store well. Oh yes, we have batteries and capacitors, but these devices only store small amounts of electricity.

What is needed is a large capacity of electrical storage, like the water in a dam that is stored for generating hydro-electric current.

OK. It is done. I know how to build an Induction Container capable of storing up to 50 MegaWatts of electrical power. With 50 MegaWatts, a Tesla Electric car could go from Los Angeles to New York City and back ten times without recharging.

Yes, this device is small enough to fit inside a Tesla car without impacting the passenger space. Yes, this device is perfect for long-haul trucking, electric trains or electric-powered Yachts, ships, planes and, even, commercial airliners. This device empowers high RPM, high-torque electric motors for everything.

If you read elsewhere on this site, you will realize that I am using technologies that are NOT part of mainstream science. THEY do not even know the right questions to ask. Many of them will admit that we do not know everything and then, judge everything from their limited knowledge set. I do not have a PhD in anything as I did not have to un-learn so much. Read my New Physics pages; that is just a tip of the ice-burg.

Yes, I have an idea on how to build an electric powered jet engine.

If anyone knows anyone at Tesla Motors, be sure to share this with them.

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