Aqua Vortex Tube – Make Hot and Cold Water using Free Water Pressure

The vortex tube, also known as the Ranque-Hilsch vortex tube, is a mechanical device that separates a compressed gas into hot and cold streams. It has no moving parts.

Vortex Tube

This is a curious device that uses compressed air as the energy source and makes cold air (coming out the left side) and hot air (coming out the right side).

See the Wikipedia article at:

Even though one can make instant hot or cold air with this device, it is not considered efficient because no-one has come up with an efficient device to make compressed air.  I have a very efficient way to make compressed air very inexpensively, but that is the subject of another page.

I am an American and we have water pressure in most locals within the United States that is standardized at 30 pounds per square inch (PSI).  I am not sure about the rest of the world, but most places probably have something similar.  My point here is that when most of us turn on our water faucets or outside garden hose, we get pressurized water; we are already paying for it.

As we have this “free” energy, I turned my inventiveness on how to make modifications to the above “vortex tube” so that it could be used to make instant hot and cold water; no electrical “heating” elements or refrigeration needed.

My new Aqua Vortex Tube uses the same approach, but is significantly different in that it uses water (or other liquids) and can be designed for hot water only, cold water only or both hot and cold water.  With this new device, depending on the pressure behind the water (we are using 30 PSI), “room” temperature water at 72 degree Fahrenheit can be instantly made into 180 degree very hot water.  This very hot water can be moderated by adding cold water into the line before use, if desired.  Equally, 72 degree water can be made into very cold water that forms ice cubes instantly.

This Aqua Vortex Tube is so efficient at making hot and cold water that it will require a minor change in plumbing to accommodate hot water tubing around the cold exit pipe and cold water tubing around the hot exit pipe but that could be incorporated into the same device commercially.

This device can be used in the home, in restaurants, offices and industrial/manufacturing facilities.  It can also be used on boats, ships, yachts, trains and aircraft of all varieties that use or dispense water or other “drinks.”

Just imagine, no water heater or refrigerator or freezer is needed, just already free, water pressure.  In the Tropics or summer months, this device will cut significant electricity costs when making ice cubes.

This device is also ideal for oil and natural gas pipelines that must be heated in cold climates for efficient transit.

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