New Alloy that Attracts Hydrogen out of Water – leaving Oxygen

When powered with Direct Current (DC) electricity, this allow will attract Hydrogen atoms; this will work well in the air/atmosphere, but forms an explosive mixture of air that is not safe.

When applied to water molecules, H2O, this alloy will provide the power to overcome the molecular bonding between the Hydrogen atoms and the Oxygen atom causing the release of both elements as gases. The DC-powered alloy is stronger in attraction than the molecular bonds with the Oxygen.

This is an easy to do, very cost effective method of breaking water into its component parts of Hydrogen and Oxygen.

It will work effectively with salt water as well, leaving sea salt as a residue.

This technology is not being brought forth as a power source for engines, but an effective method to transform water into an atmosphere on the Moon, Mars and other planetary bodies that have significant levels of stored water.

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