New “Frozen” Alloy that Generates Cold, instead of Heat, with Current Flow

New, “Frozen” Alloy

– Current Flow Creates Cold, not Heat

Nearly everyone knows that when electrical current is flowed in copper, that current creates heat. Now, there’s a metal that creates “cold” when current is flowed. This new alloy will change refrigeration, metallurgy and manufacturing.

PRLog (Press Release) – Sep 28, 2011 –
Want something cold? Compress a gas or leave it out on a cold night; those were the options. No longer true.  Now, there is a new alloy that uses “cold” particles to create an absence of heat in the presence of electrical current flow.

Intuitively, this does not make sense; when you flow current, it creates excitation and that creates heat; this is something we all learn on a hot stove element. What the world of physics does not know is that the continuum between steam and ice is made possible by two equal and opposite forces; heat and cold.  We all know this, but do not understand it. Heat flows away from the corner while cold flows towards it.  Heat particles travel at what we call the speed of light (186,000 ft per second per second) while Cold particles travel at twice that rate.  BTW, Magnetism particles flow towards the corner at 2.5 times the speed of Heat particles and Gravity particles flow away from the corner at 3.5 times Heat particles.  The other pair, is, of course, Darkness and Light.  So…….

News Flash!  There are many particles that travel faster than the Speed of Light. E=MC2 is really much more complex than we know, but then, we also know that.

Ok. So now, we have a new metal alloy that gets cold and colder when we flow electrons in it.  This alloy gets more brittle as it gets colder, but keeps its shape and other properties. Now, we can have an electric blower that blows cold air instead of hot.  We don’t need Freon or other compressed gases to collect the heat for exchanging in the next compression cycle.  This will make refrigeration much more efficient and make it possible to apply very specifically timed cold energy to manufacturing processes.

This new alloy allows refrigeration without the weight and expenses of compressors.

4 Responses to New “Frozen” Alloy that Generates Cold, instead of Heat, with Current Flow

  1. adam cameron says:

    Hello My name is Adam Cameron. By the sound of your statement you want to make money on this idea. I agree with this statement but instead of trying to change a product at the moment why don’t we put together something small that can be reproduced rapidly that will solve a big problem across the planet(making alot more than what you have estimated(like a world passport)). The element you have achieved is the other half of a bunch of my projects. I’m not looking to steal ideas I just want to start seeing change across the planet before we lose it in the next 5 years

  2. Shane says:

    Hello, does anyone know the name of this new alloy? Or the properties. I’m trying to make my job safer, and this alloy may help with that.

    • Merln says:

      Good question. I will call it “Frozen.” Just like an electric burner gets things hot quickly, this Frozen alloy will make things instantly cold. How cold? That depends on how much DC Current you pass through it; the alloy is a good analog of copper alloys like electric burners.

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