Non-ferrous Super Magnetic Alloy

Non-ferrous Super Magnetic Alloy

– No Iron or Steel

Most magnets and electro-magnets are made using the Iron (Fe) element. This is a new, permanent magnetic alloy that uses no Iron at all and is 33 times more magnetically active (attracting or repelling).

PRLog (Press Release) – Sep 28, 2011 –
Think of the thousands of applications that we use magnet for.  Electric motors, generators, lifting devices, etc.  Now, all of these applications can be made much more efficient because this new alloy is much stronger magnetically.  This is a permanent magnetic alloy meaning that its strong magnetic field is always present and cannot be turned on-and-off as with an electro-magnet.

Having said that, this new magnetic alloy can be made more powerful by flowing electrical current; perhaps as much as 1,000 times.  With these properties, this alloy could be used to launch vehicles into space or high-earth orbit.  It could also be the baseline technology for a truly effective Rail-Gun.  For Star Trek fans, this new magnetic alloy could be the baseline technology for a Traktor Beam or Repeller Beam operated from a Space Station or large space ship.  Using this technology, the International Space Station could begin to clean up all of the space junk floating around up there.

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