Protective Energy Domes/Spheres

We are going into a Mini Ice Age rapidly. We are seeing very severe weather everywhere with massive snow falls and rain which is causing calamitous flooding. Our food production will be cut to a fraction of what it is now. Crops will be flooded out, destroyed by hail or just freeze to death. What can we do about this?
One obvious answer is to move crop growing indoors, but that will not be efficient enough; it may work for individual families or, even, neighborhoods, but not cities. We have recently had 100s of acres of melons in Florida and avocados in Mexico destroyed by almost never seen, hail.
So… I have been exploring how to build energy domes that can be temperature controlled, prevent too much water from coming in while allowing enough sunshine and air flow. These domes will extend downwards into the ground around six feet/two meters. These domes will prevent flooding, snow and hail. These domes can be set up to allow birds and animals and insects in, or not. They can be set up to allow Humans in, or not. They can be set to prevent bullets, arrows, bombs, etc, from passing through and tornadoes/carried debris. I am developing these energy domes as a way to grow crops anywhere where there is enough water and sunshine. I envision the domes being 500 feet high and 500 feet wide. Obviously, these domes are also ideal for security issues.
I think I can get the 500 foot dome operational quickly. I may be able to extend the range out to 1,000 or, even, 2,000 feet, but that also means extending the domes upwards the same amount. These domes can be interlocked at 18 feet above ground to create a larger protected area. These domes can be made to glow various colors in the dark to warn nearby aircraft. Aircraft, Vehicles and Humans with the right/correct code can be allowed to enter and exit.
OK. What about the spheres? The same technology creates a defensive sphere which is unpenetratable; the domes are just truncated spheres extending down into the ground. Obvious applications for the spheres are satellites, space stations, space ships, etc. These spheres can be set up to block cosmic rays, meteors and, even, beam weapons. In space, these energy spheres can be extended to nearly any size (perhaps as large as 10 miles or 60 kilometers) as the atmosphere and gravity considerations are so small. No, cannot make one as large as the Moon. It could be ideal for activities on asteroids. The domes can be used to protect bases on the Moon or other large moons or planets.
The mechanics of this technology are based on a projected field using Direct Current electricity. The shape of the projection is based on the powered shape in its simplest form, but beam forms can be used as well. The frequencies being used are benign to plants, insects, animals and Humans.

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  1. Kevin Bruce says:

    By “10 miles or 60 kilometers” do you mean in Radius or Diameter? Because that makes a big difference. Also, could this technology be applied to modes of transportation, such as zeppelins, submarines, or electric airplanes?

    • Merln says:

      Hi Kevin, In my description, the domes are the same height and width; diameter. Same for the spheres; 10 miles or 62 kilometers in diameter. Having said that, in space, the power requirements will be less due to less gravity to overcome. With the right power source, the Sphere could be larger, but it would have to be “grounded” on a large enough asteroid or ship. On a moon or planet, the gravity will be a property to be overcome; Gravity has two poles, just like a magnet, on and off or attract and repel. See my blog post on the different Gravity States.
      People who study Grand Solar Minimums are projecting that this Mini Ice Age could last 400 years. If so, the land closer to the tropics will become very crowded. This technology could be a lifesaver for communities that want to stay in the Northern reaches.

      And yes, this sphere can be put around a submarine or an aircraft carrier or around individual aircraft (or maybe a cluster of aircraft). Or maybe an entire Carrier Battle Group. I have a shield technology that can be applied around individual Fighting Men, Tanks/APCs, Aircraft and Ships/Submarines; this is similar, but also very different. One difference is the need for greater power and the antenna to project the field.

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